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Apple Tells Customers To Get In Line For The iPad 2

Apple has mailers going out today telling us to get ready to interrupt our Friday in order to line up like little actors all over the place in their iPad 2 Friday marketing campaign blitz. Ugh. I’m kinda down on the whole “spend Friday in line without a reservation” thing if you hadn’t noticed.
It is also interesting that Apple seems to default to the White iPad more often than not in its marketing – which was only a rumor a week ago.
Sorry Apple, I’m not spending my Friday in line.  Instead, I’m going to do the more convenient thing: Have my alarm wake me up at 2:55 am on Friday morning before work, order it online then, then try to go back to sleep.  (we love you Apple) I won’t have a 2 to play with over the weekend but at least I’ll have my Friday.
I think @MarkGurman will be queueing up at the Grove in LA if anyone wants to go bother him there (or hold his place in line).
Also, Me: White 16GB Wifi, Tan Leather iCover. You?