Apple under fire in China over pornography

After recently apologizing for its warranty practices, Apple is again facing criticism in China, says a WSJ report. This latest mention of Apple in state media focuses on pornography and is part of a larger crack down on porn in the Asia nation.

According to the WSJ‘s China Real Time Report, Apple has been included in a list of app stores and companies that are disseminating pornography in the country. The list was published in Wednesday’s edition of thePeople’s Daily. Apple is not singled out by the government newspaper, and the article is not front page news, but many believe this is the start of another government campaign against the Cupertino company.

Apple doesn’t allow pornographic content in its App Store, but its interpretation of what constitutes objectionable content may differ from that of the Chinese government. Apple may be following down the same path as Google, which faced similar criticism over porn in 2009. Googleeventually left mainland China for Hong Kong after a high-profile 2010 hack attack against the company.