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Apple unhappy with Maxis for revealing the plans early?

The lull before the iPhone 4 storm.Yesterday was the eve of the official iPhone 4 launch in Malaysia. And boy, was there a ton of juicy stories going around the intersphere. Well, at least iWorld got the official launch date right – Sept 24th, 2010 – as previously “leaked” to us more than a month ago before the Hari Raya break.
Running up to the Friday launch (today), Maxis started out by sending email notifications to those who have registered their interest in the iPhone 4. DiGi followed suit. But that wasn’t the source of the “juicy bits”.
What happened next: Maxis started to put up the Apple iPhone 4 price plans on their website, but they did so BEFORE the official launch date, possibly to pre-empt DiGi and to secure more sign-ups once the iPhone 4 goes nuclear on Friday, the official launch day. Of course, Apple got upset with this and Maxis had to remove the offending details from their website.
Another story goes around like this: DiGi revealed their iDiGi price plans for the iPhone 4 barely a couple of hours before Maxis started selling theirs. Since the iPhone 4 stock is extremely limited at the moment, and DiGi would only be selling theirs AFTER the launch by Maxis, DiGi would not have a choice but to reveal their plans in order to pre-empt folks from signing a contract with Maxis. And because of this fracas, Maxis decided to “hide” their iPhone 4 plans from the folks at DiGi. Sheesh … “kids” these days love to play hide & seek.
We’ll bring you the rest of the juicy stories in a bit. Stay tuned!