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Apple working on iPad 3D, could launch this fall?

Could Apple’s iPad 3 end up being an iPad 3D? That’s what RC Wireless has heard from “Hollywood Insiders”:
“The fact that the iPad is 3D is a dead cert,” one Hollywood insider close to the big movie studios told RCR, adding that the screen would be the real magic. She went on to say that the big film studios were currently running around like blue arsed flies trying to gear up to release plenty of 3D content in time for Apple’s next launch.
We’ve seen 3D attempted before on everything from the Nintendo 3DS to LG Android tablets and so far it has seemed much more like a gimmick than a feature. Would Apple really go there? If they do, could they somehow come up with a better way of doing it, something that doesn’t seem as unnatural as split convergence and focus? Maybe head tracking via the front facing camera?
We don’t know, but we might just find us this fall, as it’s looking like rumors of a second iPad release this year could pan out. Perhaps at the same fall event that’ll bring us the iPhone 5. (And no, we haven’t heard any iPhone 5D rumors… yet.)
Could Apple figure out a way to do 3D that isn’t a gimmick?
[RC Wireless via MacRumors. Picture via ECHI concept app.]