Apple’s Mission to Protect Everything Continues – Word ’Noteworthy’ Is Next

Apple Patent Noteworthy inline1
Apple’s mission to trademark and patent pretty much everything it can like an overactive canine marking its territory continues, with a new trademark filing that reveals the Cupertino company has protected the word ‘Noteworthy’, classifying it under the category of computer software.
The application was originally filed in November, 2010… in Jamaica! Apparently this is a trick used by companies to file trademarks covertly – registering them first in a random country to gain priority before moving to major trademark agencies around the world.
Class descriptions such as “printer’s type; printing blocks; printing fonts; typefaces ,” listed on the filing initially led to speculation that the trademark was to cover an iOS application that could boast OCR capabilities, however, upon closer inspection it appears this is nowhere near that exciting.
Instead, the trademark seems to just protect company’s ‘noteworthy’ font. However, Patently Apple describes it as a “blind trademark,” meaning it “keeps the door open to other possibilities.”
Apple has a history of conjuring up its own fonts or modifying existing ones for its own uses. Noteworthy appears to be very similar to the font Filmotype Brooklyn.