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‘Backup Plan’ for upcoming untethered jailbreak?

The iPhone Dev-Team has announced a ‘backup plan’ to their untethered jailbreak and reiterate that it will not require a restore of your device.
According to MuscleNerd, the backup plan for those w/legit access to 4.2b3 IPSW is about
ready…again though, better to wait for comex
Thanks to comex, redsn0w can now handle much bigger files than ramdisk 25MB limit.
Useful for “backup plan” 4.2 untether it shouldn’t require a restore…just another redsn0w run. (That’s the goal!)
Interestingly, comex has also written some code to retrieve files from a damaged iOS filesystem.
This latest @comex code also allows
retrieval of photos+files stuck behind an unfixable filesystem problem…good stuff!
We’ll keep you posted of further development in this area.