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Belgian store releases iPads early

Woops! A Belgian retailler at Hall Shopping Center in Nivelles accidentally started distributing iPads a day early.   Don’t drop your Frites and head over there now however, they are aware of the situation and issued this poorly translated apology:
The sales manager of Photo Hall group, Simon Wasseige, contacted our editorial in the late afternoon. The latter regrets this situation he calls a mistake, “For now, most of our brands have been delivered to the marketing of the iPad 2 which will begin this Friday.Our instructions not to sell the product, however, were very clear and our entire staff had yet been informed not to release the product until tomorrow.Photo Hall group regrets this situation and take necessary measures so that it can not happen again in the future “ , explains de Wasseige.
Somehow, I don’t think there will be an opportunity for it to “happen again in the future.”