iPad 2 News

Best Buy handing out iPad 2 purchase tickets tomorrow at 4:30 PM, reservations for future pickup available

Best Buy has announced that the iPad 2 will be available at normal Best Buy stores in addition to Best Buy Mobile stores starting tomorrow. Sales will begin at 5 PM and Best Buy will hand out purchase vouchers on a first come, first serve basis at 4:30 PM local time.
Best Buy will begin taking in-store-pickup reservations on March 12th. Customers will be able to reserve the iPad 2 unit they wish to purchase and must place a $100 deposit on the device. The deposit is fully refundable should you choose to wait for a Playbook or get a Xoom.
Apple announced this morning that the Apple online store will begin taking iPad 2 orders at 1 AM PST and 4 AM EST on March 11th. Apple retail stores, Target, Walmart, Verizon, and AT&T retail locations will also begin selling Apple’s iPad 2 tomorrow at 5 PM local time.