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Best Buy to downplay Verizon iPhone while it’s not in store?

Best Buy may try to push customers away from the Verizon iPhone as long as it’s not on sale at the big-box chain, new memos may have uncovered today. Lifting some of its content from BGR, the store is reportedly telling floor workers asked to focus on the AT&T model instead. The GearFuse tip asserted that the iPhone 4 will “putter at EVDO speeds” and is at odds with a Verizon CES drive that saw it focus on 4G phones

It’s unclear exactly why Best Buy would try to discourage customers from buying the iPhone on Verizon, but it may be a clue as to a lack of immediate availability at Best Buy on the February 10 launch. Apple and Verizon warned that broader Verizon iPhone availability might have to wait weeks and thus could keep Best Buy out of the revenue stream until that happens. Best Buy may attempt to steer customers to the AT&T iPhone or to Android alternatives to keep them from walking out of the store.

The remarks are somewhat odd as the AT&T iPhone is still 3G and won’t be faster in certain areas. Most Verizon 4G phones won’t ship for the next several weeks at the earliest, and AT&T’s ‘4G’ phones are running HSPA+ 3G.

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