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Bigger & smaller iPhones in development for 2011?

According to Kaufman Bros analyst Shaw Wu, Apple could be releasing a larger & smaller iteration of the current iPhone 4 as part of it’s strategic product line for the year 2011.
“Our sources believe these likely represent new high-end and low-end iPhone models to complement its current iPhone 4,” Wu wrote in a note to investors.
“One possibility we are picking up is a “mini” or “nano” iPhone with a smaller candybar form factor leveraging technology in its new mini touchscreen iPod nano.”
“We believe Apple moving to a more complete iPhone product line makes strategic sense in that its iPhone 4 addresses only the high-end of the market,” he said.
“We think Apple should take a page out of its iPod playbook where it has had a lot of success with a 3-tier strategy addressing entry-level, mid-range and high-end, making it difficult for competitors.”