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Boy Genius moves back to AT&T from Verizon iPhone

Jonathan Geller, best known as the Boy Genius (and editor of the blog by the same name), is a big iPhone fan who lives and works near New York City.  You’d be right if you assumed he’d have had AT&T iPhone connectivity problems in New York, like the rest of us.  You’d also be right if you assumed that he’d jump to a Verizon iPhone on day 1.
But where it gets weird is that he’s now going back to AT&T.
In the end, my personal experience with Verizon’s iPhone in and around New York City ended up being about the same as it was when I was on AT&T. This, combined with other advantages AT&T’s network has, has made me finally decide to switch back. Literally moments before I wrote this article, I synced up my Verizon iPhone and restored it to my AT&T iPhone (I can do this because the OS on the Verizon iPhone is lower than the AT&T iPhone — if I ever wanted to switch back, I couldn’t restore my data until the Verizon iPhone OS is updated to version 4.3). I missed the ability to talk on the phone while data is still flowing (even though I hate talking on the phone). I missed AT&T’s extremely fast data speeds. I missed knowing that if I ever travel outside of the country, I don’t have to get a new phone (even though I hate flying — no, seriously, try me). I missed feeling like I’m in the digital age instead of the stone age.
That’s interesting.  I haven’t used a Verizon iPhone for any length of time but I’d assumed the reliability was better than that in New York.  Now I’m I’m kinda glad I stuck with AT&T.