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Brazen scalpers continue to hoard iPhone 4s in China

Back in October 1st, when Apple lifted the “2 sets per customer” limit for the purchase of iPhone 4 in China’s Apple Retail Stores, pandemonium ensued. Almost 2 weeks later, Apple had to restrict the sale of iPhone 4 from their stores with the following restriction to prevent any further untoward incident involving the scalpers:
Here’s how the new restrictions work:a customer needs to reserve an iPhone 4 online, choose the nearest retail store to pick up, and then Apple China offers the date and time for you to pick up. An email will be sent to customers after the reservation is successfully made. When a customer is picking up the iPhone 4 at the retail store, the name on the reservation must match the name on his/her ID exactly. Shoppers are reminded that they may purchase only one iPhone 4 each day.
Today, the iPhone 4 scalping story, continues.
The latest info we got here is that Beijing’s flagship store is now calling in more security staff to watch out for scalpers. Since Apple has set new restrictions to prevent walk-in sales of the iPhone 4 at Apple Stores in China, the scalpers could only make an online booking for the iPhones and schedule a time to pick up at the stores. However, the scalpers are placing countless online reservations and this cause the iPhone to be temporarily out of stock when real customers are ready to reserve one.
Customers who came to the Apple Store to pick up an iPhone 4 as part of the reservation initiative are experiencing tightened security as well as the incessant and brazen approach of scalpers onsite trying to sell them a marked up iPhone 4.
Previously, there were reports saying that there were security staff guarding the entrances and exits of the Apple store, and each Apple security is standing on duty every three meters on the first floor. Both floors are full of Apple securities and the amount of securities is three times more than usual. According to the employees, iPhone buyers need to show their reservation order before getting permission to go up to the second floor to pick up the iPhone. If no reservation is made, one could not go up to the second floor.