Businessmen Don’t Want Android, They Want An iPhone

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If you thought Android would be the choice of the pin-stripe business crowd, think again. Turns out the iPhone is the pick for the cubicle, as well as the art studio.

The Apple smartphone is used by 61 percent of enterprises surveyed by Intermedia, the world’s largest Microsoft Exchange host provider. By comparison, the survey of ActiveSync-based handsets found just 17 percent are Android.
Ah, but Android has just begun to grow, right? Not fast enough. Although Android’s share of the smartphone market grew 33 percent in April, the iPhone flew by, posting 64 percent growth. But what about tablets? Certainly, with RIM’s PlayBook and Motorola’s Xoom, Apple must feel the pressure? Hardly.
Intermedia found a whopping 99.68 of the tablets activated on its network were iPads. The remaining Samsung Galaxys, Motorola Xooms — even Hauwe’s entry — fought over the tiny .16 percent Apple left.
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