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“Catchif” your friends if you can!

Five Talents and Beyond releases “Catchif”, an iPhone/iPad app that allows real-time tracking of your friends, spouse, kids, or just about anyone you intend to keep an eye on.
Without an iPhone or iPad, you can still track your friends and families from Facebook. Catchif is highly integrated with Facebook, from which you can send “Where are you” request and look up your Facebook friends’ locations and movements through any web browser with Catchif Facebook plugin.
Shaofeng Yang, the founder of Five Talents and Beyond, Inc., the designer and developer of Catchif said:
“Catchif was born to make everybody’s life easier, better and safer. It’s real time, very accurate and efficient, very personal, intimate and fun.”
Do you plan to travel during this holiday season? Are you meeting an old friend or someone new and special? Do you have elderly family who like to walk outside and you always worry about them getting lost? Are your children just grown up and exited to go out without you? Are you getting lost somewhere? Or if in case you are in the situation where you really have a safety concern and need help?
Catchif not only makes your life easier, better, romantic and fun, it’s also capable of making it safer for you, your family and friends. A “Catch me if you can” request could potentially be a “Help!” signal with your current location and real time movements without saying a word.
You never need to worry about losing your privacy with Catchif , because you always have full control over who can track you and when you’d like to be tracked. You also have the choice to allow or deny a “Where are you” request, as well as the freedom whether you’d like to track others when you receive a “Catch me if you can” request/invitation, meanwhile, you can send out “Where are you” request or “Catch me if you can” invitation to someone whenever you like. The Silent Mode will make you invisible from any friend whenever you want. A Block List is in place as well if you need to block the location information sent to you.
If a friend you want to track or share your location with does not have Catchif installed, you can easily send him/her the Catchif reference with the Invitation tab on Facebook or a gently touch on the Invite button of iPhone and iPad. Thanks to Cathif’s super powerful service, you and your loved ones will never get lost and will always stay close and stay safe, no matter where they are or where you are.