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CES: iPhone-controlled HDTV mounts are go

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CES news is beginning to trickle through now, and we anticipate at least some AirPlay-enabled systems from the big audio dynamos will be waiting in the wings; meanwhile, WallWizard will be at the show to demonstrate its range of motorised iPhone/iPad-controlled HDTV mounts.

These things sound pretty cool: the mounts are motorized so you can adjust the angle of the TV to get the best possible view using a $10 iPhone app and a $160 Wi-Fi and Bluetooth controller. The mounts range in price depending on the style from $149 to $399.

“ControlWand’s user-interface is organized intuitively so that Apple and Smartphone users will feel right at home from the start,” the company says. “The Control System’s advanced functionality and affordability significantly raises the bar in making television that much more convenient and fun.”