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China Telecom to get CDMA iPhone?

With all the buzz surrounding the CMDA iPhone for Verizon rumors in the United States,the South China Morning Post chimes in with a new rumor about a possible CDMA iPhone for China. The newspaper claims a Deutsche Bank analyst noted that the exclusive iPhone carrier in China, China Unicom, will be losing exclusivity soon and also notes that China Telecom is in talks with Apple along with chip suppliers for this CDMA iPhone.
Although China Telecom management in a recent lunch meeting refused to confirm whether the company would also begin selling a CDMA iPhone in China next quarter, our own channel checks suggest that the company has been in intensive talks with chipset supplier Qualcomm and Apple to ensure that this (development) indeed happens,” the paper quoted the note as saying.
If Apple wanted to, they could go all out with this CMDA iPhone and release versions for multiple carriers. Apple would hit a true gold mine as there are tons of CMDA carriers across the globe and besides Verizon in the States, China’s another pretty good market to go after. If this whole CMDA iPhone dream works out, it looks like AT&T won’t be the only carrier in the world soiling itself.