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Christian Group: Freedom of Expression & Respect for Diversity? There is No App for that!

Calling the online petition signed by over 150,000 people a “calculated smear campaign,” by gay activists to remove the Exodus International app, the president of the Christian organization responded to Apple’s decision to pull it from the iTunes store.
Here’s an excerpt of what Exodus President Alan Chambers has to say about Apple’s decision:
Here is my point.  It is becoming apparently clear that there is no room in this culture for diversity of thought or opinion. It goes beyond Apple having the right to discriminate. It is the fact that simply offering someone support as THEY CHOOSE to live their life through the filter of their faith rather than their sexuality is now considered not only offensive, but also dangerous.  People with biblical convictions are now being labeled bigoted and homophobic for simply upholding someone’s right to self-determine how they want to live their lives.  It’s astounding.
Do you think this decision is going to come back and bite Apple in the you-know-what?