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Clashot : An App That Helps You Earn Money By Taking Photos

I love photography and capturing photos or nature and things around me. But what if I could earn some money from my passion. I guess this sounds great and yes now it is definitely possible. If you own an iPhone or any other iOS device, then today I have something that would help you earn handy amount of money just by following your hobby easily.

Without wasting any time, lets come to the point. Actually I am talking about an app called Clashot. Clashot is a free app available in Apple app store that can be used to earn money just by capturing and sharing photos.


Overview of Clashot

As i already told you, Clashot is a free app that allows you to capture photo and upload them on a community where you can earn money from the sales that your photos make.

Clashot is really a good way to earn via photography without having a heavy sized professional camera or other equipment. Basically Clashot is just like Instagram but with one extra and most amazing feature i.e. money generation ability. So now let’s see how to start earning money using Clashot.

How do I Start Earning Money Using Clashot?

Here is the complete guide that you would need to follow to start earning with Clashot –

1. Download the Clashot application on your iOS device.

2. Launch the application and create a new account with Clashot.

3. Accept all terms of use and service, so that you can begin using the app.

4. Obviously, we are going to opt for making our photos available for sale. So try to link up your Paypal or Webmoney with Clashot on application.

5. Now just capture the events happening near you via using your iOS device. You may capture any kind of event like sports activities, concerts, celebrations, demonstrations, public speaking, accidents and anything that you consider worth notice.

6. Your photo albums are known as reports in Clashot. So the next step is to just publish your reports along with proper description and categories.

7. After you upload your photo you are done with most of your job as your photo would now be viewed by the entire Clashot community.

Now it’s time to track your sales and generate some money easily. For every sale that you make on Clashot you would be awarded with 44% share of the amount.

Thumbs Up:

  • Free
  • Money generating ability
  • Easy to navigate design
  • Social networking integration
  • Integrated camera app

Thumbs Down:

  • 44% revenue share only
  • Limited to iOS devices only

Final Verdict :

If you are Instagram or photography lover, then Clashot is a perfect app for you. Apart from sharing and networking through photos Clashot can also help you fill up your pockets with money easily.