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Clinch for iOS can turn you into a pretty capable movie maker

Clinch is an free video editor that is mostly hands-off. Throw it some photos or video, and the app will edit, add music and assemble your raw material into an attractive video that you can share with friends and families.

You get some degree of control and can add captions, a theme and a soundtrack for your creation. Clinch provides the transitions and filters. The final result is interesting. It##Q##s often something you would like to share, but you don##Q##t get the complete control you would with a dedicated editor.

Clinch is also a social app, so you can view other videos, and search what is trending. Clinch also lets you look for videos shot near you. Your videos can be shared on Twitter, Facebook and through email. In the latest update, Clinch allows you to add related clips and photos from friends, Instagram or Twitter.

I took Clinch for a spin and was impressed how it created a movie with almost no input. I let Clinch select the music, and the result was a minute-long film that had a high degree of production value. It does take a while to render your video, and it is uploaded and then re-downloaded to your phone from the cloud, so the type of connection you are on matters. The app can render in the background, and you can set it to send an email when your video is done.

One negative is that the finished video can##Q##t be saved to your camera roll, which seems odd. You can send it via Facebook or Twitter, and you can email it to yourself, but it seems like a roundabout way of saving your video.

I think Clinch is aimed at younger users, but they are the ones most likely to be creating these videos. I could see using this on a vacation and letting it put together something I can share without taking a lot of time to produce a video.

I##Q##m impressed with what Clinch does with so little input and at no cost. An added theme, Autumn, is offered as a US$0.99 in-app purchase. You can catch some video demos at the Clinch website.