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Coming Soon To The App Store: Björk Apps

At her next performance at the Manchester International Festival in June and July, Icelandic musician and loveable weirdo Björk will apparently unveil a “bespoke gamelan-celeste hybrid”, “bespoke digitally-controlled pipe organ” and “30-foot pendulum that harnesses the Earth’s gravitational pull to create musical patterns” across six shows.
Now, I love Björk. I also love a good old gamelan-celeste hybrid as much as any man possibly can, as long as a gamelan-celeste hybrid is what I think it is… namely, some sort of chicken-horse. However, I wouldn’t be posting this little bit of news if Björk didn’t tie her latest professional eccentricity into Apple somehow… and, by gad, she has.
Apparently, Björk’s show will come with several “companion apps” which should be available on iTunes soon. No one quite knows what they are going to do, but I’m going to guess that, at the very least, they’ll allow users to initiate a good Björk-style bespokening of their very own.