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Daily Mac App: InstaDesk

Have you ever wished you could get the Instagram experience on your desktop? Well, that’s what the guys behind InstaDesk thought when they set out to use the recently released Instagram API.
InstaDesk is a cool US$1.99 app from the Mac App Store that lets you view your feed, what’s popular, or your own pictures. It also lets you view your followers and who you follow, and you can search for new users, all from within a familiar, Mac-like interface. The app sits in your menu bar, showing you the number of new photos available at a glance and opening up to the full size app you see above. You can view the images full size, view and post comments on your fellow Instagrammers’ creations, and “Like” some choice ones directly from the app.

You can download images to your Mac, share them via email, Facebook or Twitter, or open them in a browser. You can even create your own albums of photos and view them in a slideshow with some really great transition effects.

About the only thing that InstaDesk doesn’t do is allow you to post from your Mac to Instagram. Unfortunately, that’s something that’s simply not allowed by Instagram API, and therefore there’s not much the folks behind InstaDesk can do about it. Does that make the app less useful? Perhaps. But if you’re more a consumer of photos rather than a poster, InstaDesk provides a slick, simple, desktop way to view and appreciate the photos of others.