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Daily Mac App: Rear View Mirror

Rear View Mirror
The Mac App Store is full of useful apps, but it’s also full of pretty silly little ones. Today’s Daily Mac App is a mix of both.
Rear View Mirror, is an app that helps you see what’s happening behind you using your iSight or FaceTime HD camera. It essentially gives you a rearview mirror analogous to what you have in a car, displaying a video feed from your camera in a re-sizable simulation of said mirror.
The app will display images from the top left, top right, the entire top, or the full feed from your camera. The idea is that you place it at the top of your screen somewhere out of the way, allowing you to see anyone sneaking up on you from behind.
If you’ve ever worked in a coffee shop, library or any other public place where people come and go behind you, you’ve been worried about people sneaking up on you from behind or if you’re just plain nosy, then this fun little US$0.99 Mac App Store app is for you.