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Daily Mac App: unDock

When you’re using a MacBook in the vicinity of a desk, you’re likely to have a lot of things plugged into it. Be it hard drives, flash drives, memory cards or any other type of storage, we all know how bitterly OS X complains when you just pull them out. When you’re in a hurry to get out the door, the last thing you want to do is eject 15 different drives. Luckily, as with many Mac-related issues, there’s a simple solution to the problem, and that’s unDock.

UnDock does one-click ejection, or undocking, of every mass storage drive you’ve got connected to your Mac. Any networked drives or optical media can be ejected as well, and for anything else, you’ve got the option to fire off an AppleScript at the same time. It can be triggered from a customizable shortcut key or a menu bar utility, while Growl takes care of the notifications. Once the operation is complete, which is nearly instantaneous for anything that doesn’t need to spin-up before being ejected, the menu bar icon stops flashing and you’re good to go.
While you can achieve the same task for free with an AppleScript, if you have a portable Mac with more than one USB drive plugged in at any one time and aren’t comfortable messing with AppleScripts, then this US$0.99 app could be a real time saver.