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DaisyDisk 2.0 offers scanning multiple discs, in-app deletion

In a moment of great minds thinking alike, as TJ Luoma was writing up his Mac 101 on tracking down hard drive space hogs, I was contacted by the folks at DaisyDisk to see if I wanted to take version 2 of their data visualization software for a spin.
The core of DaisyDisk is the same as when I first reviewed the software in July 2009. It took roughly six minutes for it to scan my 640 GB drive and display the results in a daisy wheel. The UI was rewritten on Core Animation and it shows. Animation is smooth, and colors are vibrant.
DaisyDisk has gained the ability to scan mulitple disks simultaneously. It also has in-app deletion, which was a needed feature. Just grab files and drag them onto the bull’s eye in the bottom left corner. If you change your mind, expand the menu and drag the file you want to keep out of the listing. This will enable you to not only delete a number of files at once, but easily see how much space you’re gaining at the same time.
Additional changes include support for multi-touch gestures, scanning as Administrator and even Twitter integration. However, localization has been temporarily dropped.
DaisyDisk is US$19.95 through both its website and $19.99 through the Mac App Store. Those who have version 1.x and want to take advantage upgrading for $9.95 need to go through the web site. Those who bought DaisyDisk before Oct. 15, 2009 and after Sept. 1, 2010 will get the update for free.
Note that the version available through the web site has some features not available through the Mac App Store version, mainly the ‘scan as Administrator’ mode. The stand-alone version can be used on Leopard, while the Mac App Store version requires Snow Leopard. Those who bought the app through the Mac App Store and want to migrate to the stand-alone version can send a copy of their receipt to DaisyDisk’s support team, and they’ll send you a key for the stand-alone version.