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Debunking 5 reasons for iPhone 4 shortage in Malaysia

Debunking Top 5 Reasons for iPhone 4 shortage right now.The iPhone 4 stock has been dwindling ever since Christmas at the end of 2010. There are various speculations as to why this ‘phenomenon’ is as such, including the fact that Apple could be having issues with its production meeting the huge demand for it worldwide.
Today, we will unveil the truth so that all these unfounded rumors are finally laid to rest.
First of all, this only affects the factory unlocked models, and that includes both the 16GB & 32GB variants. We’re not talking about the locked AT&T models, and definitely nothing to do with the recently released Verizon iPhone 4 for the CDMA network.
(1) White iPhone 4 cometh.
No, the scarcity of the iPhone 4 (Black) has nothing to do with the planned release of the White iPhone 4 ‘later this month’. In fact, new reports are suggesting that the only White model you’ll ever get to see and lay your hands on would be the White iPhone 5 come June later this year.
(2) Scarcity of production.
Production issues at Apple contract manufacturer Foxconn is also not a part of this. Although some speculations arosed recently that due to Apple meeting the deadline for the eventual release of the Verizon iPhone 4, at the expense of the GSM version, there is nothing conclusive to indicate this. In fact, why would Apple ‘sacrifice’ their main cash cow at the expense of a Verizon model intended only for CDMA network?
(3) Telco providers in the country.
Another rumor going around is that less folks are signing up for a 2 year contract with their respective telcos for the iPhone 4, and hence, less likely for some of these folks to ‘sell’ off the iPhone 4 into the grey market in the country. This could be due to the fact that these folks are either not keen in an iPhone 4, waiting for the iPhone 5, or rather, embraced the dark side such as Android phone models or the newer HTC type of devices incorporating Windows Phone 7 under the hood.
To begin with, check with your respective telcos if they even have the iPhone 4 in stock. Chances are, they don’t, and they are least likely to even tell you why. So, even if a customer is ready to sign on the dotted line for an iPhone 4, and getting tied down with a lengthy contract, there is no iPhone 4 in sight for them to commit to otherwise.
(4) Apple has left the building.
What a great way to put it. Yes, no doubt right now there is a so-called phenomenon of iPhone 4 shortages in countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand etc, that would not simply imply that Apple has diverted their attention to their Asian market and concentrated somewhere else, or on another product, at the expense of the iPhone 4. If you were to do an online search, there are other countries outside of Asia that is also facing such an acute shortage, with a greater demographic group of users than most of the Asian countries combined.
(5) A conspiracy theory is at work.
This is the only truth that could be covered with a lie. From underground sources, a large part of Apple iPhone 4 stock are being procured and held by third party distributors to create a scarcity in the market. This indirectly affects the economy of demand and supply, with the former being on an increasing scale and the latter, diminishing. Because the acute shortage would eventually drive up the prices of such premium devices in the market, and the demand still on an all time high, third party distributors could eventually play around with the pricesand have an upper hand.
They could then sell it to third party resellers at a higher price, export it overseas for sale in other countries, or … you get the drift.