Detailed mockup of 2nd Gen Macbook Air surfaces

A mockup of the new MacBook Air design has been posted by CultofMac along with more information on the device.
The site independently confirmed the following details:
● 11.6-inch and 13.3-inch models
● “It boots so fast, it’s unbelievable,” their source says. “It’s amazing how fast it boots up.”
● Likely to be introduced during next Wednesday’s “Back to the Mac” press event
● A 50-percent bigger battery, delivering 8-10 hours of battery life.
● Thinner and lighter, weighing less than the current model’s 3lbs – but not as curvy.
● “It’s very, very nice,” says our source. “It does not have curves. It has straight edges. It’s boxier, like the iPhone 4.”
● SD card, two USB ports, straight MagSafe
● Two USB ports, one on each side.
● SD card slot on the right side
● Mini DisplayPort adapter on the left side, next to the MagSafe power plug (which is now straight, not bent at 90-degrees like the current model).
● 2GB of RAM. However, unlike the current machine, the RAM module is upgradeable, as is the SSD drive
● NVidia GeForce 320M integrated graphics
● Likely to come in two different configurations – 2.1Ghz (with 2GB of RAM) and 2.4 GHz (with 4GB of RAM).
● Source predicts price as low as $1,100 for 13-inch, and $999 for the 11-inch
● Site predicts $1,100 for the 11-inch MBA and $1,400 for the 13-inch machine.
We shall await the official launch of the second-generation Macbook Air at the “Back to the Mac” event come October 20th, tomorrow!