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Did Verizon sell three million iPhones?

Verizon is scheduled to release their quarterly earnings today and all eyes will be on the number of iPhone 4 subscribers they acquired since the device launched on their network in early February. A simple math reveals that Verizon may have sold more than three million iPhones on their network. We can guesstimate this figure with a high degree of certainty using latest earnings releases from Apple and AT&T. Read on…
Apple yesterday announced record-breaking first quarter numbers with 18.65 million iPhones sold. Tim Cook said on a conference call with Wall Street analysts that iPhone sales grew a staggering 150 percent in the US.
AT&T reported in the year-ago quarter 2.7 million iPhone activations and a 150 percent annual increase in US iPhone sales would yield 6.75 million units sold this quarter in the US.
Knowing the carrier activated 3.6 million iPhones in the latest quarter indicates that Verizon sold the remaining 3.45 million units, nearly matching AT&T’s activations.
Not all of those shipped to consumers because Cook also told analysts that global channel inventory for iPhones increased to 1.5 million units, explaining the increase was needed to accommodate new carriers, namely Verizon but also other international wireless operators. Still, it’s a pretty safe bet that Verizon sold about three million iPhones, which amounts to an annual run rate of twelve million units, just as analysts predicted. If true, this would mean the addition of Verizon arrived just in time to boost iPhone sales in the wake of Android’s market share gains.