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Don’t Trust Facebook To Show You The ‘iPhone 5 Exposed!’ [Scams]

“iPhone 5 — First Exposure!” “Apple iPhone 5G Exposed!” These might be the barker cries popping up on your Facebook feed this morning, promising an exclusive look at the new iPhone. But just as you shouldn’t necessarily trust the man outside the local rundown gentleman’s club shouting “The most beautiful girls, girls, girls in the world, world, world are inside!”, don’t expect an early glimpse at the iPhone 5 if you click one of these links. It’s a big scam.
The scam starts when you click what seems to be a legitimate link on a friends’ wall, pretending to offer an exclusive early look at the next iPhone’s hardware, a la Gizmodo’s huge iPhone 4 scoop.
Once you click the link, though, you’re soon hit by a CAPTCHA. Fill out that CAPTCHA, and a fake message will appear on your own wall, saying you commented on a link about the “iPhone 5 Exposed!” Rinse, repeat.
To add insult to injury, once you’ve completed the CAPTCHA? You have to fill out a survey. But I’m sure that beautiful, nude iPhone 5 — exposed in all its naked glory just as Jobs intended it — is right behind that nextsurvey. Right? Right?