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EBay imposes restrictions on iPad 2 sellers

Apple iPadJust four days before the much-vaunted American launch of the iPad 2, eBay has announced special guidelines for sellers of the most eagerly anticipated gadget of 2011.

Only eBay top-rated sellers and genuine Apple authorised re-sellers will initially be allowed to sell multiple devices.

The quantities each of these categories of sellers will be able to ship will also be restricted, to just four in the case of top-rated sellers, and 50 for those with Apple certification.

All other sellers must meet the site’s minimum performance standard, and will be limited to just one iPad 2 sale per week.

The iPad 2 gets its British release on Friday March 25. At the time of writing there were no official restrictions listed on the ebay.co.uk site, but it is likely that those for Americans will also be replicated here.

On the basis of the success of the first iPad, UK-based international courier services and express deliveryoperators will be anticipating a spike in demand for their services around the end of the month.