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Engadget app updated with landscape mode, save for later options

Our good friends at Engadget have posted an update to their iOS app. The new version introduces a landscape viewing mode for all of the included content and new “save for later” options that will send your favorite Engadget posts off to reading services like Evernote, Instapaper, and Read It Later. The app is still free, and the new version is available right now in the App Store.
We’ve got our own app on the App Store, and you may recall that it was updated for Retina Display compatibility a few months ago. It still doesn’t run natively on the iPad just yet, but we’re told an update for that is still in the works. Presumably we’ll see some of these Engadget updates on our app as well. As grandma always said, patience is a virtue… so don’t worry, the updated (and free) TUAW app is still coming soon.