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Engadget reviews MacBook Pro 2011 edition

If you’re hungering for more hands-on detail on Apple’s newest laptops, head over to our sister site Engadget where Nilay Patel and Joanna Stern have put the 15″ model through its paces in a full review. Not to keep you in suspense: “the new MacBook Pro is the fastest laptop we’ve ever tested, hands-down.” Nice.
While the review gives high marks for performance, it does ding Apple for not revving up the connectivity specs of the laptop or the industrial design (an extra USB port would be nice, as would a standard offer of the higher-resolution display). That said, a machine that is twice as fast as the model it replaces while keeping to the same price points is definitely a good buy.
I had the opportunity to see an SSD-equipped version of the new 15″ MBP in action this evening, and it booted to the login screen from a cold start in what seemed to be less than five seconds — so fast I almost didn’t see it happen. The proud owner of the new laptop fired up Xcode and went on to compile a 35MB commercial Mac application in about 67 seconds, when the previous MBP crunched through the same job in about four and a half minutes. Not too shabby.