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FileMaker Go for iPad and iPhone tops 500K downloads

Database management suite FileMaker Go for iOS has passed the lofty sales milestone of 500,000 downloads, TechCrunch reports. FileMaker Inc., the company behind both Filemaker Go 11 and FileMaker Go 12, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Apple, and was formed in the 80s under its former name Claris.

While FileMaker is available for desktops on both Windows and Mac platforms, FileMaker Go is iOS exclusive. The app is designed as a platform for sharing easily-digestible mobile versions of traditionally complex desktop databases, while offering the flexibility to customize a solution to whatever need a user is looking to fill.

Speaking with TechCrunch, FileMaker VP of Marketing and Services, Ryan Rosenberg, was predictably upbeat. “We know from when we talk to our customers that they’re very excited about taking the use of these devices beyond simply personal productivity, to creating custom solutions for them,” he explains. “We think we’re at the beginning of the curve of creating these custom solutions for organizations, and we want to help them do that.”