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Flipboard Triples Usage and Doubles Users In Two Months

Flipboard, an iPad app that aggregates content from your social networks, has in the last two months seen close to a tripling in daily usage. An average day will now bring between 8 and 9 million “flips” compared to what was 3 to 4 million flips just two months ago – flips roughly equating to page views for a website.
The CEO, Mike McCue, revealed the information in a chat last week and pointed to a number of factors that he believes contributed to the increase in popularity. Foremost in his mind is the release of version 1.2 of Flipboard on March 10th which greatly improved speed and brought other general improvements to the app. Then, of course, was the release of the iPad 2 which not only brought more users but has also made Flipboard even faster with its improved A5 processor.
McCue did also mention that the number of users has doubled – likely for the same reasons, although he declined to comment on how many users they now have in total. Meanwhile, Flipboard is continuing their work on a Flipboard iPhone app which is slated for release sometime this summer. Quizzed on how the iPhone app might work by AllThingsD, McCue said that it is being designed as more of a “weekday tool” catered towards power users that will more directly utilise real-time news and conversations.
[Via AllThingsD]