Four strategic investments in 2001 that changed Apple forever

I’m posting this becuase it is an interesting observation from Joe Wilcox, but also because that picture above of Jobs, Cook and…is that Oppenheimer, no?
Anyway, Wilcox makes a great point that 2001 was a banner year in Apple history.  A decade ago was when Apple stopped its comeback from the dead and started its rocket to the top of the Tech world.
1. In January, Apple unveiled the iTunes music player.


2. In March, Apple launched troubled Mac OS X 10.0 and relaunched as 10.1 in September.


3. In May, the company opened Apple Store, in two locations — California and Virginia.


4. In October, the first iPod debuted
What’s interesting is that all of these were going against the grain of the conventional thinking at the time.  Gateway was closing its country stores.  No one believed in the commercial relevance of MP3 music (though piracy was rampant) and OSX was so different than anything that had come before.