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G-Form takes iPhone case drop testing to a new height: over 100,000 feet

In the past we’ve seen some videos from G-Form showing their iPhone and iPad cases taking some incredible falls and surviving, but nothing beats this test. The company took one of their new XTREME cases for iPhone ($39.99) that will be introduced at CES next week, popped an iPod touch (5th generation) into it, and attached it to a weather balloon which also carried a GPS tracking device and a sports action camera. The iPod touch in the iPhone 5 case is dangling below a yellow G-Form case carrying the “instrument package” in the image above.

When the G-Form XTREME case and iPod touch reached an altitude of above 100,000 feet, the electronics package was released. Two of the cameras used during the drop shut down due to extremely low temperatures, estimated at -60°F. The devices were picked up unharmed about 41 miles from their launch site, fittingly near Area 51 in the Nevada desert.

The cool thing about the new case is that it’s much thinner than many competing cases. Like previous G-Form XTREME cases, the new line uses the company’s Reactive Protection Technology as an inner core, adds a polycarbonate external shell, and features a third layer of TPE to absorb shocks. The new case is available for order on the G-Form site at this time.