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Geohot accepts challenge to help jailbreak the iPad 2

Geohot has accepted a challenge from p0sixninja to see who can dump the iPad 2 bootrom first. The iPad 2, with its new Apple A5 chipset, still can’t be Jailbroken and iPhone hacker p0sixninja recently noted that it’s a demanding, time consuming and difficult task very few have the patience, time and skill to do.

Damn, this is one of the slowest progressing jailbreaks ever. I think I kinda miss geohot a bit :-(

The challenge was thrown down via twitter and, according to p0sixninja, Geohot has accepted the challenge (although he doesn’t have an iPad 2 yet.)
This is great news as it can only help in finding a solution for everyone with an iPad 2 that wishes to jailbreak. We will keep you up-to-date as things develop. How many of our readers are desperate to jailbreak their iPad 2′s? Let us know in the comments!