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Geohot- We have a problem. Limera1n causes Battery Drain…

Since the release of Limera1n, I’m sure plenty of you have used it… However, there is a bug that has gone unresolved since the first release to the public. About 28% of people who used Limera1n to Jailbreak, including myself experienced an unexplained, and excessive battery drain on IOS 4.1… Usually going from 100% full charge to dead in around 5 hours on standby, WITHOUT ANY mobile substrate add ons. This compared to about 8% saying that they even had a problem with Greenpois0n.

As many of you know, Geohot released his Jailbreaking tool only a few days prior to the Chronic Dev’s Greenpois0n tool. The exploits used for both are the same, however, it is clear to me, now that I have used both tools to jailbreak my device that Greenpo1s0n feels a little more “thorough and tested”. This theory is also backed up by the article linked here.

The bug in Limera1n seems to be present in all devices capable of iOS4, and it seems to happen RANDOMLY. 

The only way to fix this issue is to Restore and Rejailbreak with the latest version of Greenpois0n or Pwnagetool. – Make sure to start your iDevice as a “New Device” rather than restoring from backup.

It is also suggested that for all future jailbreaks on this firmware that the community use either Greenpois0n or Pwnagetool – at least until a fix for Limera1n is made public.