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GeoHot’s Bootrom Exploit Ported Into PwnageTool

PwnageTool GeoHots Bootrom Exploit Ported Into PwnageTool
The iPhone DevTeam just announced that they ported GeoHot’s bootrom exploit into PwnageTool. The new version of the tool should drop Sunday, but still it’s just an ETA. We will make sure to keep you updated. Stay tuned…
PwnageTool is a jailbreaking tool for Mac, which you can use to create custom firmwares in order to jailbreak your iOS devices. In case of the iPhone, a custom firmware will not update the baseband hence you can update to a higher version of iOS and still unlock it. So far, you can only update to iOS 4.1 and still preserve your baseband, ONLY through TinyUmbrella AND ONLY for iPhone 4.