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Gift Your Mom an App This Mother’s Day

Mothers are getting more and more tech savvy. With each new revision of Apple products, the human factor of tech gets more and more intuitive. So it’s more than a little likely that flowers, candy and a trip to the spa will soon be replaced by apps, digital media, and pre-paid online services. Accordingly, here are a few ideas on what sort of tech you can get for your mother this year.

Send a Gift Directly From iTunes

The great thing about gifting someone an app, album, TV show or movie is that it’s instant. So if you’re a last-minute shopper, this should be just what the doctor ordered. On the Mac version of iTunes, it couldn’t be easier.
  • Select either the app, album, TV show, audiobook or movie you want to gift
  • Click on the drop down arrow next to the price and select Gift This Item
  • Enter the recipient’s e-mail address
As to which app is best for Mom, Apple has created a special Mother’s Day list of apps if you need some ideas. You can gift apps directly from the App Store on your iOS device.  If there’s a problem, log on to your iTunes account and review your purchase history. There you’ll see each of your gift purchases. You can enter each gift purchase and either report a problem or send it again.

Gift Card for iBook, Electronic Gift Card for Kindle

There’s also the traditional means of getting a gift card.  One option is to get an electronic version of the gift card and have it sent directly to the recipient’s inbox on the device to which the gift card will more than likely be applied.  Unfortunately, books aren’t currently able to be sent as gifts directly from within the iBooks store. You can at least ship an iTunes gift card directly from your iOS device using the official Apple Store app.
  • Search for “Gift Card” in the Apple Store app.
  • Choose the gift amount you want to give.
  • Tap the price button and click on the green Add to Cart button, then Checkout.
  • Before you place the order, be sure to edit the shipping address.
Neither the iOS Apple Store, nor the online Apple Store has a way to email an iTunes gift card directly. Amazon, however, does. Amazon gift cards can be emailed directly to the recipient. Just search for “Gift Card” directly from the iOS Amazon App.  You can even send the gift card via Facebook.

Pre-Pay for Online Services Like Netflix

If bandwidth caps don’t drain us dry first, we’ll all be nickel-and-dimed to death by monthly recurring charges.  You can either ease your mother’s burden by paying for her current subscriptions, or add to her pain by introducing her to yet another online service.  Online services like Netflix are allowing gifts of a number of months between individuals. Three months of Netflix would be a great add-on gift if you’re considering giving an Apple TV this Mother’s Day.
Any other ideas? What kinds of Apple-related gifts are you giving your mom this Mother’s Day?