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Good Samaritan Buys iPad 2 For a Total Stranger

There’s been a lot of complaints about the long lines and short supplies of the iPad 2. But there have some nice stories too, like the iPad that Apple sent to one man when his wife made him return it.
Here’s another great story.

Chris Reimer, who runs Rizzo Tees, an online tshirt business in St. Louis, tried to get an iPad 2 last week, without success.
While he was waiting in line, he tweeted his frustrations several times to his 52,000 Twitter followers. He asked where he could find an iPad 2 in stock.
Then last Wednesday morning, he gets an unexpected message from one of his followers, who he’d never heard from before.

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The follower, Muljadi Budiman, says he’s in line at the Apple Store and would he like him to pick up an iPad 2? Budiman tells Reimer he’s not trying to make a profit, he just remembered that Reimer wanted an iPad 2.
Taken aback, and not sure if he wanted the 3G iPad or a WiFi model, Reimer declined.
But early Friday morning, Budiman pops up again. He didn’t get his iPad on Wednesday and he’s back in line at the Apple Store. Again, he asks Reimer if he wants an iPad.
This time Reimer says yes. He tells him which one he wants, gives him his cell number and wishes him luck. A few hours later, he gets a call from Budiman saying he’s got his iPad. They meet at a coffeeshop and Reimer gives him the cash.
“Wonders never cease, and Twitter never ceases to amaze,” Reimer wrote on his blog. “Why did Muljadi do this? He saw my tweet, asking if anyone knew of a store with iPad 2′s in stock, and thought he could help me.”
The pair chatted at the coffeshop for 30 minutes before leaving.
“I could have easily talked with him for another hour, but we both wanted to get home and play with our new iPads!” Reimer wrote.