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Google confirms Glass will work with iPhone

Google held an event this week to show off its upcoming “Google Glass” interactive headset/system, and from that meeting came one important note for us iOS fans. Google confirmed that the system will definitely work with Apple’s iPhone. The exact details of the relationship aren’t clear, but there are of course a number of ways your iPhone could work with Google’s glasses, from simply acting as a Bluetooth headset, to a more complex relationship with a Google app, sharing information or even an Internet connection back and forth.

Obviously, Apple and Google aren’t on the best terms at the moment, with Apple forcefully uprooting its deal with Google Maps to go with a more native solution. But Apple’s also been very open to having Google apps on the App Store, so Google may work out some sort of solution where Glass plugs in through the Bluetooth connection or even right through the Lightning connector.

At any rate, it sounds like your iPhone and Google Glass will play nice. Consumer versions of the Glass units are expected later on this year, though the price will be steep — somewhere around US$1,500, according to the speculation. The tech will only get cheaper, so it might not be long at all before you’re wearing your interactive glasses and connecting to your iPhone.