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Google I/O media announcements coming early: 20,000 songs in the Cloud and YouTube movie rentals

In the run up to Google I/O tomorrow, Google is releasing information on its Cloud offerings for both video and Music.
Earlier today, Google said it would be renting 3000 Hollywood feature videos through its Youtube service.  There will be more to come and some videos will be free with advertisements – just like regular old TV, which YouTube aims to replace.  That news isn’t exactly new but it has finally become official.  It will likely be demoed at I/O tomorrow.
Additionally, Google just released the news that its “Music Beta by Google” (horrible name) would allow users to upload up to 20,000 songs to the Cloud.  The service, like Amazon’s Cloud (but 10 times bigger), doesn’t have the blessings of the record labels so buying and sharing music through the service has not yet been activated.  Google’s purchase of SimplifyMedia will allow users to upload the music to Google’s oceans of Cloud storage.
Apple is reportedly working with the labels to get their iTunes Cloud legitimized by the labels and by last count, had two of the four signed on.  An announcement would likely take place at Apple’s annual September Music event.