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Google Maps for iOS Downloaded More than 10 Million Times

According to a Google+ blog post from Jeff Huber, Google Maps for iOS turned out to be a success, with more than 10 million downloads just 48 hours after the app was released last Wednesday night.

We’re excited for the positive reception of Google Maps for iPhone around the world. Congratulations to the Maps Team on the recognition for the passion and hard work they poured into it, for this release and over the last 7+ years.

If you already have it – thank you, and please tell a friend. Any feedback you have is welcomed, here in G+ or in the app (just shake it).

Google Maps was highly anticipated by users who were unhappy with the rampant errorsin Apple’s built-in mapping solution. Criticism over Apple Maps led to the restructuring of Apple’s iOS software team, and a public apology from Tim Cook.

Google Maps shot up to the number one free app on the App Store within a day of its launch, and today it maintains a 4.5 star rating with more than 20,000 reviews.

Though 10 million is a significant number, it still represents just a fraction of iOS users. Only three days after iOS 6 was released on September 21, Apple announced that it had been downloaded onto more than 100 million devices.

The number of iOS 6 downloads has likely increased quite a bit over the last three months, indicating that the majority of iOS users have chosen to stick with Apple’s Maps application rather than switching to Google Maps, despite the rampant complaints about the quality of the built-in app.

Google Maps is a free app that can be downloaded from the App Store. [Direct Link]