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GoPro camera app update lets you view, edit and share

GoPro has exploded in popularity with athletes and adventurers for creating easily-shared high definition videos of their activities. Now sharing will take even less time thanks to the latest update to the GoPro app for iOS and Android. Users can now view, edit, and share content on their GoPro from their smartphone.

Using the GoPro’s built-in Wi-Fi hotspot, users could already connect the app to the camera. The app is a remarkable piece of technology that allows you to control your camera via your phone or tablet, and now it’s been expanded to include the new sharing and editing features. The features will only available on GoPro Hero3 and Hero2 cameras that have been updated to the latest firmware. By putting more power in the hands of users, GoPro is showing how it has continued to grow as the Action Camera market has expanded and become more competitive.

Head over to the iTunes store to pick up the new app.