Hacked iTunes accounts for sale on Taobao, China

China has some of the most prolific hackers in the history of mankind. But we knew that already.

What you don’t know, ladies & gentlemen, should they take a fancy on your iTunes account, and hacked it, chances are, it wouldn’t stop there with just a case of misdemeanour breach of privacy. It would also go on sale on Taobao, the Chinese equivalent of eBay.
What is worrying is that prices start from as low as a few dollars, and once you’ve ‘bought’ the iTunes account of your  choice, you get instant access to credit card details for music and TV downloads. But you can only use them for under 24 hours, before you’re ‘discovered’ by Apple security.
According to Global Times, 50,000 illegal iTunes accounts were being peddled on Taobao at prices ranging from one to 200 yuan (15 cents – 30 dollars) and thousands of accounts have been sold over the past several months.