Has Steve Jobs Finally Registered A Twitter Account?

When reader Liam Dennis updated his Twitter for iPhone app yesterday, it told him that Steve Jobs had registered a Twitter account. He explains:
“It scanned my address book for users I wasn’t following. It only found one. A twitter account linked to, a contact I had made to send the occasional email to him as we all do.
The email address is known, of course, as Steve Jobs’ email address at Apple — the one he uses for his famous one-word responses to customers’ queries.
So has Jobs finally registered a Twitter account?
Unfortunately not. It’s the email address all right, but it’s not Steve Jobs. Someone else has registered that email.
Here’s the deal: Anyone can create a username AND tweet without confirming the email address. The email needs to be confirmed to unlock advanced features, but it’s not necessary to use the web interface.
In fact, most combinations of “Steve Jobs,” “S Jobs” and “S Jobs Apple” are already taken. We even registered Steven_P_Jobs to test it out.
There’s been a bit of activity with fake Steve Jobs accounts on Twitter recently. On Wednesday, Twitter suspended the popular @ceostevejobs parody account for a few hours before reinstating it. And then it suspended it again. It’s been reestablished as @falsestevejobs.