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Have a Sneak Peek Inside The Bodies of Athletes And Sports Players With SuperBodiesHD

If you have always wondered how athletes and sports players gain the required strength and precision to perform their chosen sport. Have a look at their body and what goes on within the bodies of different sports players.  Superbodies is not just an app that provides some really interesting information and facts but will also engage you with the various features in it.
Start the app and you will be greeted with an introduction video. Superbodies includes various sports including Gymnastics, Badminton, Boxing, Volleyball, 100m Dash and Swimming. Within each sports section you will find the statistics of a player which include body temperature, pulse, respiration and the parts of body used in the selected sport. You will be shown a brief introduction on the sports with a HD video. In the individual sports section you can have a look at the sports players body diagram with various veins exposed and the points with relative importance marked . You can tap on each point to explore them from inside the body or tap on the current location arrow to go to the location in the body left unexplored in your last session. Move around the body and have a look at various elements, you can use your finger or accelerometer for motion within the blood capillaries or let the auto-pilot take you on a tour. This feature is like a small game where you need to follow the arrow and once you reach the destination you will be briefed about that portion of the body in detail with a video. Similarly you also come across other parts of body and information related to them through a HD video.

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This is an app that will give you an insight of bodies of athletes and sports players. If you have recently started playing some sport or it has been your hobby for years, Superbodies will bring you even closer to some of the unknown facts and details of body related to the sport in entertaining and engaging ways like videos and game. Dr Greg is a scientist, researcher and professor who guide you through the various sections of the app with his commentary in the original HD videos.
Altogether Superbodies is a perfect blend of information and entertainment packed into a great quality app. The video’s included in the app are HD and look crystal clear on iPhone4’s retina display, even if you plan to watch them on your iPod you won’t regret the quality of the video’s and other 3D animations are worth a mention . Also the screen supports 360 degree rotation in the app. Check out the app currently available for iPod, iPhone and iPad on the app store.
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