Here is Steve Jobs’ name card circa 1979

Back in the days when there’s no iPods, iPads, and surely nothing to do with iPhones, we have Steve Jobs’ nifty-looking name card – a foreboding sign of ‘greater things to come’.
Here is a look at Steve Jobs’ business card from 1979. For its day, this was quite an impressive card having an embossed and stylized font for the logo.
The address listed, 10260 Bandley Drive Cupertino CA, is a street from the current Apple campus at 1 Infinite Loop and apparently the phone number still goes to Apple’s switchboard.
Pascal Finette, Director Mozilla Labs, describes the photo:
“I took the photo after a colleague brought the card into work the other day – the phone number on the card is still Apple’s main switch board.”
“By the way – the one thing you can’t see on the picture is the fact that the business card has an embossed Apple logo! So they definitely went all way out and spent quite some serious cash on their business cards (which doesn’t surprise me with Steve).”