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HomeElephant app connecting neighbors worldwide

We’ve written about hyperlocal apps before — apps such Patch, which enable users to see what’s going on in their city or town, no matter how small it might be. Now there’s an app that allows users to go even more local — call it hyper-hyperlocal if you will. HomeElephant is a service and app that allows you to connect with your neighbors on a social level.
I know, why not just get off your butt and walk next door to see what the Joneses are doing, right? HomeElephant isn’t meant to subvert regular social interaction, rather its primary purpose is to create a private social network for your neighborhood that allows residents to share relevant information. Users can create alerts, schedule neighborhood events or even ask others if anyone has a lawnmower they can borrow this weekend.
HomeElephant can be really handy when you’re away on vacation. Say you’re out of town when a bad storm hits; you could quickly get reports from your neighbors to see if there’s any major damage to the neighborhood or any service outages of any kind. This kind of information might not readily be available from traditional, larger news sources. HomeElephant is free to join and is currently in neighborhoods in 38 countries around the world. You can download the free universal iOS app here.
[via CBS8]