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How Apple Could Revolutionize The Lockscreen In iOS 7 Concept

How Apple Could Revolutionize The Lockscreen In iOS 7 [Concept]

The iOS lockscreen locks in two different ways. One is by keeping strangers from fiddling around with your iPhone or iPad. The second, though, is to developers: they can’t really do much with the lockscreen except pass notifications to it or make use of the lockscreens built-in music playback controls.

What if developers had full access to the lockscreen, though? What if they could do more than just pass a notification on through? It might look something like this concept.

Created by The Apple Core forum-goer brentcas, this lockscreen concept introduces a new idea to the core iOS experience: lockscreen cards.

Lockscreen cards work by taking over the section of the lockscreen currently devoted to time, date and music player controls. The idea is that you can swipe between cards to change the functionality of this section of the lockscreen, like so:

How Apple Could Revolutionize The Lockscreen In iOS 7 [Concept]

As brentcas explains:

When you’re on a card, double clicking the home button will bring up extra controls or information that is relevant to the card, if necessary. So when you’re on the weather card and you double click the home button, the card will expand to show the weekly forecast…

Some cards are more insistent to have your attention than others. When you’re getting directions, you’ll find that Maps’ Directions card will have usurped the Time & Date card (and it will have also overtaken the wallpaper to display a map). When you start a run using the Nike+ app, you’ll find your miles, pace, and time on the now front and center Running card. The same goes for when you are recording audio or receiving a call.

Another aspect of the concept involves the iOS camera grabber, which allows you to quickly access the camera from the lockscreen. Brentcas envisions this grabber being usable by any app that has its related card upfront on the iOS lockscreen. For example, if you had the Twitter app open, you could use the grabber to quickly send a Tweet from the lockscreen.

Here’s how it works:

How Apple Could Revolutionize The Lockscreen In iOS 7 [Concept]

I can see some security issues with this approach, but by and large, I really like it, and would love to see something like this in iOS 7. How about you?